Diario de un vampiro

Welcome to my site!

Este sitio inspirado en el de Sol Pais tiene como finalidad compartir mis pensamientos que
sólo comparto con mi amigo "K", compartir mis gustos, tutoriales, libros útiles y páginas que me gustan para dejar un registro de mi por si..bueno..sucede algo..

i bite!   i love revenge   Cannibalism   i love gore trapped in the hell dimension i love violence   Eternally yours   this user doesn't accept your apology   this user is in your nightmares                            

"keep an eye out for secret pages..."

self expression is not a crime   this user loves Joy Division   in recovery   possessed   vampires will never hurt you   real life vampire   i support vampire rights   medicated   anxiety haver   resentment   i love piercings   love letters   break some rules   dying soon   my name is not important   im not from your world   i don't know what i am   i love you to death!   Fake blood   Put more blood in movies   RIP

i love css   goth person   your best nightmare   i don't wanna grow up